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FBO Outside Services

We provide competitive fuel prices and comprehensive airplane line services at the most convenient FBO at Tulsa International Airport. Located in Hanger 35 Northwest of runway 18L and ramp RR, we can accommodate your quick-turn, or extended stay. Ramp and hangar parking available upon request.

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We look forward to serving you business aviation needs.

You may book your visit using FlightBridge or by calling our 24/7 customer service line at 918-836-7345.

Services & Ammenities

  • CAA Preferred FBO
  • Titan Aviation Fuel
  • Full Service Quick Turns
  • ​Onsite U. S. Customs Available​
  • MobilJet1 & 2380 Oil
  • Ground Power Unit​ (GPU)
  • Oxygen & Nitrogen
  • Biobor Jet Fuel Treatment (New in 2024)
  • Lavatory Services
  • ​Spacious Ramp​
  • Ramp Side Vehicle Access
  • ​Limited De-icing Services​
  • ​Fuel System Icing Inhibitor - Prist​
  • Uniformed Personnel
  • ​​Full Time Maintenance Staff
  • 24-Hour Line Service - (918) 836-7345
  • Passenger Terminal and Lounge