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Booking Process FAQ

Experience the highest level of comfort and convenience as the staff at United States Aviation helps you plan your personal or business travel. Contact us to plan all details of your trip and receive a customized quote.

Learn more about our booking process through these frequently asked questions:

  • What are the flight schedules and routes? As a FAA Part 135 carrier with worldwide operating authority, we are not part of a scheduled service. The flight will depart when you want, to the destination you determine, stopping only where you want. Unlike scheduled service, which can take you to and from around 500 airports globally, charter gives you access to over 5,000 airports – most of which are smaller regional airports, closer to where you need to be.
  • Where do you depart from? There are several options. As part of your customized quote, we can pick you up at an airport of your choice, anywhere in the country. We can assist in identifying the best airport and FBO (Fixed Base Operator) for you. You can also depart from our FBO executive terminal. We make the parking, loading and boarding process very convenient. Our FBO is located at 4141 N. Memorial Drive, Hanger 35, at Tulsa International Airport.
  • What is average booking time? While we’re available 24/7 and book flights in a matter of hours, we advise you to get in touch with us as soon as you know your travel schedule. We can then customize a travel plan to meet all of your flight requirements.
  • What is the cost? Like any flight, it depends on when and where you’re travelling , how long you stay at your destination– as well as optional extras like food and beverages and Wi-Fi.
  • Are there luggage and freight limitations or recommendations? Our aircraft has enough space to stow suitcases and bags for the traveling party, including items like golf clubs, strollers, etc., but charter flights do not have freight storage space. This storage can be accessed by crew members.
  • Are there one-way options? We do offer one-way options for flights.
  • Do I pay when the plane is on the ground at our destination? Your investment in our charter aircraft travel includes the entire point to point flight, with any "ground time" included. Your customized quote will include all costs associated with your flight, including optional amenities and associated airport and customs fees.
  • What are the food and beverage options? On a charter flight, you design your own food, beverage, and snack plan. Our staff can arrange delivery from a restaurant of your choice, or purchase specific menu items to store and prepare in our galley, complete with refrigeration and warming appliances.
  • What safety accreditations and official affiliations do you have? By exceeding the highest industry safety standards we are able to fulfill our primary responsibility to you, ensuring your safety. United States Aviation holds the Platinum rating from ARG/US, the Wingman certification from Wyvern, and IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) Stage Two certified.
  • What safety standards do your aircraft, pilots, and crew abide by? Your that is clean, safe, and comfortable for our customers and our staff. Please see our COVID-19 specific protocols on the home page.
  • Who are you customers? While we serve dozens of private individuals and companies across the world, we are committed to your privacy. Charter flights provide a safe private flight experience, while also maintaining the privacy you require. We do not publicize or publicly release any information about our customers.
  • What is a qualified flight crew? For all flights over 10 hours we staff 2 pilots and two crew members responsible for your safety and comfort. The flight attendants will make all pre and in-flight arrangements to make your flight enjoyable.
  • Is there Wi-Fi high speed internet, satellite phone, and entertainment options? Yes. We have access to high speed WiFi, satellite phone connections, and premium entertainment systems with iPhone/Android compatibility keep you entertained on your flight.
  • Do you have to go through check-in and security? Yes, but most of the time your check-in and security process are expedited – and you’ll more than likely be through in a matter of minutes. Where applicable, a main terminal can be used and we’ll arrange a dedicated check-in desk.
  • Will there be someone on hand to oversee flight operations? Our staff is committed to provide full 24/7 support, wherever you are in the world. We can also arrange for airport representatives and flight riders, on request.
  • Are charter aircraft wheelchair accessible? Yes, we have access capabilities and can provide any assistance required, including ground transfers.
  • Are ground transfers included? We can arrange for ground transportation and rental cars to be waiting for you to at your destination, but do not provide transportation from your home to your airport.
  • Can I bring pets into the cabin? Yes! One of the best perks of a private jet is that a pet can travel in the cabin with you. Just let us know, and we’ll make the arrangements.
  • Can children and babies travel on a chartered flight? Yes, of course! Under current FAA guidelines, the use of infant carriers and child seats is optional. If travelling with strollers and other children’s items, we can arrange suitable storage options.