Booking Process FAQ

Experience the highest level of comfort and convenience as the staff at United States Aviation helps you plan your personal or business travel. Fill the form out below to plan all the details of your trip and receive a customized quote.

How do I pay for this trip? We accept credit card (transaction fee applies)

Do you travel outside the United States? We are approved to fly internationally to most every country in the world.

Are pets allowed on the flight? We welcome your furry friends to travel with us as long as they remain inside their pet carrier for the duration of the flight.

Is smoking allowed on the aircraft? Smoking is not allowed on flights for safety and regulatory reasons. This includes vapes and e-cigarettes.

Is there Wi-Fi on board the aircraft? Wi-Fi is available through our KA band satellite connection and billed at cost, post trip. Pre downloading inflight entertainment is suggested. We have a Blu-ray player for our screens inside the aircraft as well.

Is there airport security and customs? Aviation has many levels of security, though ours is less invasive, it is up to us to provide the highest level of safety. Effective 6/22/23 we must comply with the Homeland Security identity verification system. When booking a flight we will need a valid copy of your DL or Passport. We will require name, date of birth, and gender, as required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you have TSA PreCheck, your KTN will expedite the verification.